Rising Passions

Plans in Motion

Arristan's thoughts on recent events

After we parted ways with the passions at Death’s door we returned to Thorvald’s moot for a night of rest and revelry.

On the next day we travelled to Kaer we had defeated T’essa’il, the father of worms, in to talk to Eolim Belial, the Grand Master of the order of the Silver Twilight who had crafted the Twilight Staff.
We figured as a nethermancer from before the scourge he may have some insight into Ristul and as a person existing in a mirror, he may have an understanding of the Aspect of Destiny.

The local trolls were using the main cavern of the kaer to construct a drakkar in secret. After we gave undertakings not to reveal their work, they did not object to us going about our business.

Belial was surprisingly reluctant to talk, considering he has not had much contact with living namegivers for several centuries. He seems very mistrustful and suspects the influence and plots of horrors everywhere.
He asked for the fate of his order. Maybe if I bring him news of that he will be a little more loquacious.

We did glean some useful information from him, the two main things are unrelated to each other but still of interest.
The first bit of information is that Belial was not affected by the wave of change, giving weight to the assumption that the mirror is a portal to an astral domain he inhabits and that only this world was affected by Lochost’s demise.
The second bit of knowledge is regarding Ristul. Belial told us that Ristul is everywhere, in fact the all corruption in Astral Space is a manifestation of Ristul. This put the scope of our quest to keep the world safe from this horror in perspective.

We decided that we would want to return for further consultation so I crafted a bone circle that I could use as a destination for a gateway spell. To ensure no accidental injuries, Olaf walled up the entrance to the room with the mirror. When next we go back we will need to bring some air purification crystals with us.

Reish had an interesting idea: he was wondering if Uppandal could craft a shield that would allow it’s wielder to reflect the power of a passion focussed on him. This would be a defence against the Trinity sword and also could possible provide some poetic justice – can passions be affected by their own powers?

We travelled to Travar to do some research into the passions we had not yet warned.
We met the new councillor Patrick whose pattern is very weak but while I found him to be obsequious and disingenuous, we could not detect any undue influence upon him.
It is possible that the weakness of his pattern and the general increase of sickness and disease we observed in Travar are both symptoms of Death roaming Barsaive freely.

We discovered that Floranus often attends the flower festival in the floating city of House V’strimon, so Thorvald started challenging airsailors to an airship race during that festival in order to ensure Floranus will attend this year.
Olaf began researching the Links of Commerce, an item important to Chorrolis that the questor Sylvia who had been forced to carry Dis had been searching for.
I found a book on the order of the Silver Twilight written after the scourge which mentioned that some of the order survived. He learned the name of the author and that he likes to visit Jerris.

We decided that we would keep the Aspect of Destiny out of its protective case for one night to see if any of us had prophetic dreams. We all had dreams of import
• Thorvald dreamt that Thystonius spoke of war coming to Cara Fahd
• Olaf dreamt that Uppandal is making armour for the passions
• Reish dreamt of Mynbruje
• I dreamt of Destiny being trapped in a grey mist

The next morning we set out for the floating City of Reeds on Lake Ban in time for the flower festival.
We travelled on Thorvald’s new airship, crafted by Uppandal’s Forge in Travar, the ship was later named the Twilight Challenge.

We met with the Shivalala V’strimon in a public audience were we discussed the declaration of separation and current affairs.
Later, in private session we discussed the passion killings and our quest to warn the remaining ones. The Shivalala revealed that Floranus usually makes himself known to her when he visits.
We also spoke of Thystonius’ message to Thorvald.

We started on concrete plans for assaulting the Theran Fortress Triumph, with the Shivalala and with Omasu who was called quickly. Our plan calls for a two-pronged approach:
Rock-worms will create tunnels for and Obsidiman force to reach the Ayodhya life-rock. There they can merge with the life-rock and emerge fighting on the other side.
At the same time a sky raider fleet will assault from the air. Shivalala V’strimon will use true fire provided by my trading company to create liquid fire that will be used to bring down the air-shield. The college of vine will research making shield of true water for the drakkars.
It could be useful if House V’strimon’s navy were to make a concerted assault on K’tenshin positions shortly beforehand, this could draw away Theran patrols making our approach easier. We should discuss the options with V’strimon’s admiralty.

Thorvald’s Twilight Challenge won the airship race handily, receiving as price some silver he shared with the crew from V’strimon and the Bracers of Firewind from Floranus. We warned Floranus of Death’s release and Lochost’s demise and he travelled to Mynbruje’s realm.

In other news, the ship Thorvald had sent to the Servos jungle to find the gladiatorial arena in honour of Raggok returned with news that it was successful. We now know where it is and will move against it soon.

We travelled on to Throal as we needed to do research and I had received word that J’Role would like to speak to us.
We spoke to J’Role about the passions and our planned attack on Triumph, of which he already knew.
We also spoke about war coming to Cara Fahd, which was news to him and about the Servos arena.
J’Role confirmed that a new Theran overgovernor is coming to Vivane with many troops and told us he is looking for reliable information from Vivane.
He requested Thorvald eliminate some enemies; Thorvald will consider each case on its merits.

We decided to hold an auction for the Bracers of Firewind to attract Chorrolis’ attention.
Soon after sending out invitations to register for the event we had an interesting list of attendees:
Tanaris from the Blood Wood, Ragora from Uppandal’s Forge in Travar, Vlad Hammerfell from Throal, Leonis Tagaris from Vivane, Goram from Travar and the great dragon Icewing

We met with Vlad Hammerfell and Icewing who were satisfied we were offering the real deal.
Two days before the auction the bracers were stolen, probably by a nethermancer of circle 9 or higher. Other than a list of known nethermancers of ninth circle or higher, our investigations in Throal, Kratas and Jerris are at a dead end.

While we were waiting for the auction date to arrive, Olaf completed the three hydra armours
The suit crafted from the scales of the green hydra he named “Hope at Sunset” and offered it to Reish.
The red hydra’s hide he used to create the suit named “Dawn’s Vigour” which he gave to me.
The black hydra’s scales he forged into “Midnight’s Mystery” which he claimed for himself.

Olaf has also found the names of some potential trainers for our disciplines.

I have strengthened the thread I have woven to the Aspect of Destiny and now I can converse freely with the trapped girl; however she still can only make one prophesy each day.
These are some questions I asked:
Q: Is Lochost beyond Death’s Door?
A: Don’t know
Q: If Death were to kill the mad passions, would Ristul be able to exist in the World?
A: Yes
Q: Will we find the answer about the order of the Silver Twilight in Olaf’s library?
A: Partially
Q: Will Floranus be at the festival of flowers this year?
A: Yes
Q: Will Incidents of disease continue to increase in Travar?
A: Looks Likely
Q: Will Cassius unleash his army out of the badlands within the next year?
A: Possibly
Q: Will Chorrolis by at the Throal Trade fair (3. Raquas)?
A1: To early to tell (question was asked 5 months from fair)
A2: Yes (question was asked again 6 weeks from fair)

When speaking to Destiny, she mentioned she was not alone in whatever astral realm she is in. Maybe whoever placed her in the astral realm is in there with her, maybe the realm has been infiltrated by some thing, maybe the centuries she has spent in there have driven her insane.
I will need to find out more.

Thorvald and I have just finished talking to the Vice Dean of Nethermancy at SIN in Jerris.
I will try to meet with the author of the book on the order of the Silver Twilight if he is here then we will return to Throal to prepare for our expedition into the Servos.

Something has been bothering me for a while.
Dis, Death, Raggok and Vestrial are working in concert. At some stage or other we have interfered with plots for each of them. Raggok has responded by assaulting the guardian’s fortress-monastery, we have encountered agents of Death and of Dis but we have not spotted any effort regarding us from Vestrial.

It is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible that Vestrial does not have at least one plot involving one, some or all of us. It is in his nature to plot and scheme and even if you could argue (erroneously, I believe) that a passion would not be bothered with us, this would not hold true for Vestrial, for whom no intrigue is too small.

This means that whatever plot or plots he is working against us are undetected and still proceeding. Some or all of our organisations are probably infiltrated somehow; we all probably have friends or contacts who have been subverted.
The question is how to uncover these without tipping our hand and without significantly reducing the effectiveness of our organisations?

I don’t know.



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