Rising Passions

An interesting conversation

Boredom can lead to great ideas

Airship travel can be quite tedious sometimes.
And sometimes out of that tedium arise some very interesting conversations.

Thorvald and I had been chatting about what we felt needed to be done after we investigated Death’s Door.

I had just explained that I would like to visit the mirror where I had spoken to Elianar Messias before to try and contact him again.
That I hope to be able to learn more not only about the scourge and Ristul but also about people trapped within mirrors.
I also want to show him Thera and find out if this was the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

It was then that our conversation became exciting as we moved on to Messias’ great work, the Books of Harrow.
We discussed how my quest for understanding and Thorvald’s desire to deal a staggering blow to the Therans could dovetail nicely by a mission to infiltrate the Great Library of Thera and steal the Books of Harrow themselves!
An extremely challenging task no doubt, but success would bring incalculable rewards.
After all, the books were found in Barsaive and translated in Barsaive. We would be returning them to their rightful home.

Should we decide to attempt this undertaking, it will require a lot of care, preparation and patience but this is something I would happily dedicate a lot of time and ressources to.



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