Mitch Runner

Paragon Knight and leader of a revived military order, Mitch seeks to bring Garlen back to Barsaive and defeat the blood prince Cassius.


Prematurely Greying, Mitch Runner is the Grand Master of the Order of Garlen and a discipile of the lost Paragon Discipline. Wearing a chainmail hauberk and clad in the raimants of a long dead military order his primary weapon is the crossbow, a weapon few use, and fewer still master, in Barsaive.

Burdened by duties few others will assume and still struggling to find a way to hold everyone depending on him together, his recent reunion with the Storm Warriors has been both relevatory and traumatic. The events at the abyss which crushed so many may have forged him into a stronger man but not into an indestrucable one.


In the first season Mitch was a man out for blood. The Nethermancer Threefang had murdered the guardsmen of Travar and his vengeance was his only reason for being. He hunted him down accordingly and brought back his head. To him, everything else that happened was peripheral. He was the archer – one target, one shot. Having completed his vengeance and seeing the hollow ending for what it was he turned from the path he treacherously walked and found Garlen.

The second season saw Mitch conflicted between far too many duties. Newly returned from a two year military engagement defending Travar from the orc scorchers of the east he had been sent to an Oracle by a vision of his Passion. There he learned that she was planning to heal Vestrial and now needed him to take on the quest with his companions. So it was that the Storm Warriors met again. But Mitch was a man in conflict. His friends, his city, his Passion – which took precedence over the others when conflicts arose? For much of the season he was lost and made terrible mistakes as a result. He was the scout, constantly searching but with too many targets. The season ended with the loss of the Passion Garlen and the breaking of much of her questors.

For season three, Mitch has assumed the mantle of the Paragon (an earlier holistic version of a Paladin). This Discipline was lost during the scourge and Mitch is slowly rebuilding it in the hopes of returning Garlen to Barsaive. But an adept with three disciplines is more open to discipline violations than possibly any other, especially when you throw in questor abilities (now dormant) and versatility talents as well. For this reason, as well as his history, Mitch is now uncompromising in his outlook on life. He needs to have a code of conduct dictating what he will and will not do or he’ll end up an even bigger mess than the last time. There are rules and they will be followed and for as long as he follows this code he need not fear falling out with the various aspects of himself. There is a second reason for this code which Mitch will tell no one about – he fears that he will succumb to despair without it and is actively promoting it among the other fallen questors to try and keep them together as well.

Mitch Runner

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