Deadwood Martha

The archetypal crone when first met, she was reduced to talking skull at the end of the first campaign.


Deadwood Martha has evaded Death for hundreds of years. Her spirit somhow managed to escape his realm and possess her former body. She had found previously a small area of the Landisean woodlands which possessed unusual astral properties. By secluding herself here she could avoid Death’s gaze and so she did for many generations while her body slowly rotted. There came a time when this was not enough for her,so she tricked a hapless thief into stealing Death’s window onto the world, the Bauble of Vestrial.

The characters had made a deal with Death to retrieve this Bauble and did so but instead of returning it to Death gave it to Garlen who intended to us it for another purpose. Deadwood Martha survived the encounter but her body was smashed and the characters left her to her miserable existance.

Deadwood Martha

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