Rising Passions

On Destiny

From Arristan's diary

I have been reminded of how lucky I am to have found my Stormwarrior brethren.

Though we have differing agendas and differing opinions and sometime row over them extensively, each and every one of my brothers is reliable and trustworthy.

Each of my brothers understands his disciplines and is true to them.
When we decide on a course of action to take together, we all work together to achieve our goal.

Recently I had urgent business in the wastes and could not wait for the Stormwarriors to have some time from their own ventures, so I put together a party of adepts from Jerris to assist me in my mission.

What a sad and sorry lot they where:
A pacifist elementalist who summoned forth massive spirits of destruction.
A nethermancer who was far more interested in power and death than understanding the worlds around us.
A scout who didn’t seem to interested in discovering new things.
Only the young illusionist seemed to be on the right track.

It has often seemed to me that the Stormwarriors were the only adepts to be actively trying to make Barsaive a better place for its people.
I always rebuked myself for such a petty and self-serving thought.
If this bunch is an accurate representation of a typical party of adepts, maybe such thoughts were not that far of the mark.
That is a very unsettling idea and I dearly hope that this was not a typical party.

We made it through the wastes to the Thief of Name’s tower without any major events, only to find a stone vedette moored to it and large earth elementals tearing up the once-beautiful gardens.
It appears that another party of adepts, probably with Theran connections given their vessel, was looking for something here to.

In all likelihood they were looking for the same hidden room I was.
In the evening the elementals returned to wherever they came from and the men retired to the ship, leaving some guards behind.

We disguised ourselves and capturing the guards at the bottom of the tower, we snuck in.
There were further guards at the top of the tower which we managed to neutralise.
The Elementalist, claiming to want to avoid any violence, started poking around the courtyard, where he eventually found the access to the hidden area.

We dealt with most of the crew in a non-violent manner, knocking them out or causing them to flee in terror, while a giant tree spirit brutally slaughtered all who stormed past us into the courtyard.

The remaining crew had enough and the vedette left without any of them having seen a single one of our party – they did not know who was assailing them.

The discovered tunnel turned out to be warded by magical and mundane traps.
At the end of the tunnel we found a chamber warded by more traps and full of great treasures, grimoires, a brooch, the Aspect of Destiny.

When we returned to Jerris we handed over the grimoires to the School of Illusion and Nethermancy for research and I claimed the Aspect of Destiny.
The other items of power were distributed among the party as a bonus.
The I parted ways with this motley bunch.

I hope that these adepts find their way back to the true paths of their disciplines and that they will contribute positively to the well-being of Barsaive.

In the mean-time, I must study the Aspect of Destiny, for I feel that it will be a great aid in the forthcoming trials.



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