Rising Passions

Extract from journal of Olaf Horanson

And so we approached the Temple of Garlan whose Gardians had stopped comunicating with Mitch’s faction of the Questors.
What we found was an appartently abandoned building on the side of the Mountain.
Inside we found a Statue of Garlan in the Form of a Troll that we had all meet previously and a Harbringer of Dis.
In the ensuing scuffle the Harbringer Dominated Reish into Attacking Mitch. Throvald Immeditately Grabbed Mitch and jumped off the side of the Mountain, with Reish Gliding after them. Aristan and I made short work of the Harbringer.
After Reish’s compulsion had worn off, everyone regrouped in the Temple. After some investigation we determined that the Statue was indeed Garlan.
It was decided that I should stay at the temple with Mitch, as we secured the Area around Garlan’s Staute, the Others would return to Garlthic and take postion of the mystrey object he had hinted at.
This item did indeed turn out to be one of the Trinty Swords. With this item in hand they rejoined us at Temple containing Garlan.

After again analysing the situation it was decieded that we should seek the wisdom of Mumbruke. Taking both the Sword and that statue with us we sought the Hidden Temple of .
Arristan made finding the Hidden Temple look easy, If I had been looking on my own this would have taken a lot longer.
We where greeted by the monks as if we had been expected and after being allowed to clean up we where shown into a Room with an anicent Door.
A monk preformed a little ritual with a Bell and The Door opened, this appeared to take the Monk by suprise.

We laid out what facts where avaialble to us to Mumbruke asking for his aid. We gave over the Trinity Sword, He Determinied that The Statue was indeed Garlan traped in stone.
We determinied that we need to Free Garlan and then break the Swords.
I asked where Upandal could be found as he is the only being that could break the Swords. We where given the Location of a Forge by deaths Sea.
We also asked the location of Locust so that he may free Garlan, Again a Location was given at then Bottem of a Particular Kaer.

So Aristan, Mitch and I departed to go to Upandal’s Forge, While Thorvald and Reish Scouted for The Location of Locust.

Using Aristan’s arts we located Upandal at work, The Forge was so Hot that Only I was willing to enter, I eventually persuaded Upandal that it was time to remake the Trinity Swords, then I passed out due to the Heat.
As Aristan retrived me Upandal Handed him the Blade he was working on and Said it was for me.

Thorvald and Reish encoutered heavy resistece and pulled back to regroup with the rest of us.

Together we again approached the Kaer that Locust was in, There was an Invae ifestation.
We battled large Groups in a large Cavern then proceeded deeper into the Karer,in the main Karerwe found a large tunnel going down.
Aristan Made us invisible and we made our into the main tunnel here again we slew many invae,
Finally we found a Cavern filled with Mushrooms, I created a Tower to Block the Entrance Mitch used his seal home ability to help protect us.
Below the mushroom cavern we found a the residences of the Karer in some form of Cacoons, We Identified a Female Elf we belived was Locust.
We experimented with ways of releasing the people Finaly I formed a Solvent that would eat through the cacoons,
After releasing the people Aristan an I Slipped out of the Cavern an up to the door of the Kaer, Aristan used his abilities to create a Door that allowed the People to exit, Reish aranged for them to travel to New Solander.
After debating going to defeat the invae Queen we meantioned our quest to free Garlen and Locust Transported us to Mambruke’s temple.

Locust Released Garlen then disappeared, Moments Later Mambruke and Garlan rushed back through the Door and a wave of colour washed over Everyting and things where suddenly smaller.

We Forgot part of what had happend. I returned to Travar and my Duties in the Forge, there had been a Fire in the Libury which also needed.

Later I received word that My help was needed by the Orks in Carafad.
A Kila had crashed during the wave of Colour and the Orks where attempting to salvage it when a force from Theara turned up with similar thoughts.
The Thearns had assembled a Tower with Archers to poar arrows down upon the Sight of the Crash.

The Orks where lead by Stryke Surehand a strong and steady leader we made plans to create large wooden Shields/ Palisades to defend against arrows.
I created a large number of Poarters to Carry the Shields.
Then we struck for the the Crash site, I made a Bridge to allow us to cover rough ground and protect against arrows.
I cast Lightning Cloud to keep some heads down on the Tower as we progressed.
At these point we received word that the remainig camp was under attack. the Orks where ordered to keep the Sight, The Ork command squad returned with me,
Stryke Surehand returned as a Cavalary man with Alfray Bonesetter, I casted Metal wings on myself and Coilla Shadowshiv, She Carried Haskeer Ogreborn.
Stryke Sure hand returned first and started to rally the Camp. Coilla Shadowshiv dropped Haskeer Ogreborn into the combat and then disappeared.
I cast Dragons breath on the Attackers burning the Leader severaly. The Attackers where routed.

The next morning we recieved a request for parly, Coilla had been captured and we exchange her for a Prisoner of similar value.
We then proceeded to negoiate on the Crash site, the Thearns agreed to recognise Stryke Surehand and Carafad and a deal was done to split the Killa.
We also agreed to turn over the Dead Thearns.
I was warned that a hit squad was coming for me So I returned to Traver leaving Peace behind me.



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